Jim Hutchins, Livermore 

Our City Council is not listening to or working for the people – they are working for themselves. In the last election, Mayor Woerner accepted over $19,000 from developers and unions, while Vice-Mayor Munro and Councilmember Kiick each accepted $2,000. The result is what we are seeing in the downtown — Legacy’s four-story high-density apartment buildings, and if they have their way, soon more four-story apartments just across the street on the old Lucky site. These buildings go against what the people said during the City’s 2017 outreach: in height, in density, in character, in inadequate parking, and in the loss of open space. 

The Council is also downplaying or ignoring the public’s safety. The old Lucky site is contaminated and the City’s approved plan for putting apartments on top of the contamination was labeled “neither appropriately justified nor acceptable” by the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board. Despite this, when citizens voiced concerns, Vice-Mayor Munro said the concerns had been “completely debunked”, were a “non-issue” and simply “propaganda”. 

While campaigning for mayor, Woerner promised to look at alternatives to placing Eden Housing on the old Lucky site, and allowing the site to become a large destination park, calling such proposals a “win-win”. But once the election was over and his position as mayor secure, he ignored his promise. The Eden Housing proposal has changed multiple times, each for the worse and at the expense of the citizens, and each backed by the Council. 

The Mayor and Council took an oath to work for the people, but are violating their oaths by putting the wants of special interests over the citizens, especially those that give them money. We need a Mayor and Council that work for us, not for special interests.