Jeff Kaskey, Livermore

In 2019, Livermore City Council was selling their “Approved Plan” for downtown. The Approved Plan showed (City newsletter Special Edition 3, and City Downtown Flyer) green paths between the paired townhomes. Sorry, apparently that wasn’t really approved, and the buildings will be solid all the way across. It promised a public green “linear park” from east to west. Nope, gone. Now it is smaller, and half is paved, losing even more green. You were told the “workforce housing” prioritized teachers and public safety employees, and they would be patrons for downtown restaurants and pubs. No, now it is for Very Low income and homeless. You were promised 3.5 acres of open space. Sorry, no. Minimal legally required parking? Nope.

What happened? Apparently, Eden housing didn’t notice the City’s Approved Plan and instead applied for, and got, a grant for a different plan that gives away the things you were promised. Now it is up to all of us to accept the UN-Approved Plan. Did City Council forget its promise to you? Make sure to ask them and ask how they are going to fix it, unless you are OK with the Council selling you one plan and building something very different.

Not so long before the current Approved Plan, City Council was pushing a plan with developer Lennar, which covered the downtown core with towers of housing, no cultural elements, and no green open spaces. Fortunately, YOU, the people of Livermore let your voice be heard and the worst backers of that plan were voted out. Remember your voice and watch this Council.