Richard Hughes, Livermore

Regarding the East Avenue ‘road diet,’ here is another ‘unintended consequence for Councilmember Patricia Munro to ponder over, if she cares ... I thought it was important to re-post this comment in the main thread, even though we are discussing it with Beverly Bull, in her comment sub-thread.

If we go with alternative #2 or #3, there are going to be ‘flex spaces’ painted white with hatched lines across them, warning everybody that those are ‘no man's lands.’ So, on trash pickup day, all the folk who live along East Avenue have to place their trash cans in those ‘flex spaces!’ Reason (is) they can't put them in the bike lane, so where else can they put them?

So then, along comes a trash truck to do the pickup, and guess what, it can't park in that same ‘flex space,’ because guess what – there are trash cans in the way. So, those poor trash truck drivers are going to have to stop their trucks - you guessed it - in the only space available, which is, you guessed it, in the one and only traffic lane!

So, all the vehicles driving along East Avenue on trash pickup day are going to now have to stop behind the trash truck! Are you kidding us? We will have created bottleneck heaven guys, plain and simple! As I said before, this is not just ridiculous! It is insane!

Here is one more vital question or issue that throws yet another wrench into everything and has me scratching my head in dismay!

So, for alternative #2 and #3, they are expecting emergency vehicles to drive down the two-way center turn lane, when the one and only available traffic lane is gridlocked bumper to bumper, yes?

Well, at Hillcrest Avenue and from Mines going east right until Vasco, the median strip is raised six inches above the road surface with concrete curb border (and) infilled with concrete or tiles. So, are we expecting a fire truck, police SUV east avenueor EMS ambulance to go barreling down East Avenue at 60 mph, rushing to an emergency call, while driving on a raised median strip?

I wonder how the emergency-response guys feel about that?! I don't think city officials or TJKM have even thought about that!

As I said before, the devil is in the details, guys! This is just plain ol' crazy! Insanity on steroids!