Raquel Holt, Livermore

The scenario: a friend is visiting his new girlfriend who lives in Livermore.

It is his first time to come to Livermore, and they agreed to meet at the downtown central park on L and Railroad.

The visiting friend is talking to himself, “She said for us to meet at the central park downtown, but I don’t see the park. What I see are these tall buildings. Hmm, I’ll drive around. Ah, there it is! Since she said Livermore Central Park, I imagined it to be larger, with more plants and trees, and easy to see. Interesting. And now, to find where to park.”

I join the clamor of many Livermore residents, and that is to have a large open-space park with its lovely trees and plants, longer pathways for strolling, and benches, too. One that is not hidden, congested, and hemmed-in by tall, three- and four-story housing structures.

I understand that the Eden plan for 130 dwellings can be located nearby. Livermore residents desire and hope that the city leaders seriously consider relocating the housing buildings which, if done, could even have the possibility of adding more affordable housing. Then, we can have the vision of a central, large, open-space, easily accessible, delightful, and lovely park for everyone to enjoy become a reality.

Let us listen to the many residents who have convincingly - because it is a good idea - suggested that this plan is a ‘win-win’ solution.