Mony Nop, Livermore

I have spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about the proposed Eden Housing development. As the city council approaches its final decision regarding the downtown development, I am asking that our leaders reconsider moving Eden Housing to the north side of Railroad Avenue or to another location in Livermore. I understand that the task will not be easy, but we should explore every possible alternative, if the possibility of a location change does exist. This is a once in a lifetime project and whatever we finalize and build, it will be permanent, forever changing the landscape of our beautiful downtown. 

Being that downtown is one of the few pieces of prime real estate left in Livermore, I truly believe that our Mayor and city council should reconsider their decision and dedicate this land to the people of Livermore. They should move Eden Housing to allow for more open space in the form of a larger park. Without a doubt, a larger park in downtown Livermore would not only allow all of us to enjoy it now, but many future generations as well. We have waited long enough, so why not work together and do it right now?  City Council, please move Eden Housing!