Johnna Thompson, Livermore

Remember the win-win, which promised that we could have a central park downtown by moving the workforce and low-income housing to alternate sites north of Railroad Avenue?

The win-win is still a possibility, but only if the Livermore City Council hears from Livermore residents that that is what we want. Alternative sites are available and can accommodate even more than the 130 units designated in the city’s current downtown plan.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to provide much-needed, affordable housing, while also creating an oasis of open space in the center of town? However, if we do not speak up soon, the city will be continuing on its current path of approving 130 units of housing on the central downtown site in buildings, which are 42% larger than those shown on the drawings of the city’s plan last Spring. The three- and four-story apartment buildings will have an underground parking garage for its residents, with one stall per apartment, and only one entrance and exit, which is on L Street.

In combination with the 220 units already under construction on the other side of L Street, this sounds like a recipe for downtown congestion, a place to avoid, not an invitation to linger, as would be the case if there were a park on the site instead.

The window of opportunity to change the outcome is short; the city council will be voting within weeks to finalize the plans for downtown. We have only one chance to create the downtown we will want to spend time in.

Let the council know what kind of downtown you would like. Do it now. Time is short.