John Van Arsdale, Livermore

I am writing to support the citizens of Livermore (I believe most of the citizens) who strongly desire an open space park on the land bordering Railroad and L Street.

The amount of letters published in the Independent during almost every week (if not every week) expresses the wishes and the wisdom of our citizens. This is the same desire expressed in the workshops held some time ago.

I do not attempt to list all the pros and cons of the wishes of the writers of these letters. I assume you have all read these letters. But I would like to support the statement by Gayla and Richard Langlois in last week’s Independent.

They said, "We love to visit Sonoma and Healdsburg because of their beautiful old city parks. They invite strolling, photography, wine tasting and public events."

Well said, Gayla and Richard. It definitely reminded me of the first time I visited Healdsburg a few years ago. I had the same feeling.

So, let us develop a unique park, in which we can have various activities for our citizens and also be a draw for visitors. If it takes more money or the lack of credits or more time, it would be an important investment for the future of our city. Think ahead for 20 or 50 years. Plan for the park now. I think of the great tax base our city has, so we should be in a position to proceed with a park even if it cost more money.

Thank you for your consideration and leadership on this issue.