Why is COVID-19 not being treated as a bioweapon when our top generals and admirals know differently, as well as Nobel Prize-winning biologists, intelligence analysts, authoritative academics, and practicing medical doctors speaking out by the dozens? A political calculation is being made by the president and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The greatest counter weapon against the publicly-caught-lying Chinese Communist Party is shame (saving face). Manufacturing will shift back to the U.S., North America, and Australia, destroying the CCP and cause the Chinese people to accept a temporary turnover of power to the Chinese military. There the political assessment is that China’s military is not as much an existential threat as the lying evils of communism.

The “wet market” narrative as the source of the coronavirus has been flatly rejected and proven false. The Chinese Communist Party is lying; World Health Organization Director-General Tedros is guilty of criminal negligence; and the mainstream media are reaping what they sow. Wear a mask and pray for POTUS.