Another week has passed and more misleading information about the Downtown Plan is being spread by The Independent newspaper and signature gatherers.

In the August 1 edition of The Independent newspaper there was an article titled, “Can Westside Downtown Hotel Developer Be Found If City of Livermore Interested?” This article is more Op-Ed than news, with no author attributed to the article. With no author it makes one wonder who wrote it and why weren’t they given credit. Was it the staff, the editor, or the owner? Unless The Independent wants to be truly transparent and share that information, the public will never know.

Additionally, there is no news in this article, just speculation — cherry-picked quotes from the mayor and City Staff, and a bias toward the initiative. The quote attributed to City Staff mirrors what was shared during a council meeting but is missing a key detail. In the meeting City Staff shared that the developer decided not to pursue a west side hotel after getting a complete picture of the situation. Not the one-sided lie that was previously told to them. You can see this video for yourself on Unify Livermore’s Facebook page (

As for the signature gatherers, they are in front of our local grocery stores and knocking on our doors, intentionally lying or truly misinformed by those hiring them and repeating what they are told.

We were told those individuals who were lying were fired by leaders of the initiative/referendum, but Councilmember Carling saw the same person collecting signatures for the referendum. Stories are also being shared on social media how signature gatherers are not being honest with the information that is being shared to Livermore citizens. If we knew the script that was being shared to the signature gatherers, we would be able to easily identify when the signature gatherers are going off script. Until then the expectation will be that they are on script and we are being told this misinformation intentionally.