It is with great sadness that I am writing this letter, particularly during this time of greater awareness of people's behavior toward our fellow man.

The demeanor of Gail Hayden, director of the California Farmers Market Association, toward the long-time vendor and owner of Dan Good Cookies at the Livermore Farmers Market for distributing a free gift expressing happiness and humanity, should be unacceptable in our town.

If this type of behavior is allowed, people will mistakenly believe that it reflects Livermore’s beliefs, and that the city supports such negative attitudes and behavior.

As Hayden berated Dan about not following CFMA rules on distribution of certain materials, it shocked me to notice that she also removed her face mask in defiance of signage at the market requiring the use of face masks. It was a blatant disregard of the CFMA’s own rules.

Her attitude and her aggressive behavior during this whole encounter should not be representative of Livermore. She could have handle this with respect and business-like behavior by speaking personally to Dan, rather than making a spectacle of herself in the middle of the market. The entire time that Hayden was accosting Dan, he kept his response level and respectful, something that was not afforded to him whatsoever!

Livermore is better than this and should not support this type of behavior. I believe it may be too late for an apology to Dan, but we need to do something as a city that shows respect of all individual’s beliefs.