Richard Hughes, Livermore

Council Member Patricia Munro told us that she lives close to East Avenue.

Can you imagine a huge fire or a devastating earthquake hits near East Avenue, and Trish, along with 20,000 other people, try to get away fast by driving down East Avenue, but everything is gridlocked and stuck forever, because of the road diet that she put in on East Avenue!

Trish, are you listening?

Maybe she has a private LLNL helicopter available that will whisk her and her family away to safety, but the rest of us will be stuck on her road diet, awaiting a tragic experience!

Wow, did you see the ‘cold and indifferent’ response from Trish Munro, guys? Horse is dead?! I guess she does have an LLNL helicopter waiting in standby, just for her family! Doesn't care too much about her fellow Livermoreans though … sad … but she is a ‘democratically’ elected official that is supposed to be taking care of the 99%, yes?

I guess if she had cared to click on the link I posted in this comment, she would have seen all the burned-out cars in that Paradise fire that could not get out fast enough because of the ‘road diet’ out there that clogged the main road? I guess those cars can been looked at as ‘dead horses.’ Maybe that's what she meant?

In 1900, cars used to be called iron horses? Surely, she has some ‘humanity’ in her being? Maybe? Just maybe?

I could make this suggestion simpler? Because a PhD in sociology from UC Berkeley (Trish Munro) needs to have things ‘nice and simple?’

Elementary Principles of City Planning (for dummies):

Sub-part: Road Design:

Rule #1: When designing a major thoroughfare, consideration must given to whether this thoroughfare may be used as a principal evacuation route in the event of a natural disaster, such as a wild fire or a major earthquake.

Rule #2: When attempting to redesign a major thoroughfare, by inserting a ‘road diet,’ thereby reducing the number of traffic lanes by one, in each direction, please see Rule #1.

There you go! Is that ‘nice and simple,’ guys?