Americans celebrated the 243rd Fourth of July birthday party for our independence from Great Britain together across our nation mostly by watching the Washington, D.C., activities on TV. President Trump showed strength in leadership with his parade (tanks, teens, bands and all), his “Salute to America” speech from the Lincoln Memorial, and the spectacular fireworks. He honored our military branches by incorporating all of our armed services in each category plus our astronauts’ moon landing and next is Mars. America’s freedom is on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it, just like 243 years ago! Our veterans should be protected with health care and jobs before the illegals.

Trump’s speech was a great review of our nation’s birth history from our founding fathers, and continued patriotism throughout the years. It’s a symbolic day that we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence for our United States, even though we know the Continental Congress actually signed it on July 2, 1776. So, OK, we will celebrate the entire week! It’s fun for us, but we should never forget our founding fathers who put their careers, their fortunes and their lives on the line to establish a nation that was different from all others in the known world. Trump not only remembered them but also the people who, through their ingenuity, have been a part of making American lives better throughout the centuries.

Trump recognized the importance of the border patrol, firefighters, Marines and Marines Air I, Army, Navy and its Seals/Blue Angels, Coast Guards, and the Air Force and its Air Force I to keep us safe. Finishing recognizing each of these categories with each of their songs was wonderfully patriotic. We should be proud that our brave volunteer military has liberated more than 50 million Afghan and Iraqi peoples from their murderous regimes. Due to their brave effort and sacrifices we now have allies in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even in Libya.

We as individuals are not perfect. However, that doesn’t keep us from enjoying ourselves, our spouses and friends, our children and grandchildren, jobs, cars, houses and golf.

The United States also is not perfect. However, it is the most accomplished and generous nation that history has ever produced. Our forefathers favored freedom over governmental dependence, private property ownership over the king’s ownership, low taxation rather than serfdom to government, freedom of religion rather than a “state” religion, and a citizenry with God-given rights not “government given.” We need to keep telling our children and grandchildren that the Declaration of Independence has provided us guidance and hope during the most trying times and is celebrated for our independence and our heritage and should not be taken for granted or forgotten. I think it would be appropriate to re-read it every year with our annual celebration. Our people take for granted our freedom of speech and that we can move anywhere in our country without permission. We take for granted that our welfare people live better than 80 percent of the rest of the world. However, the illegals running across our borders do! Are those people being fair to the legal aliens here already going through proper channels that the U.S. has set up to become our citizens? No other nation allows the annual number of legal immigrants that the United States does. No other nation has welcomed so many other cultures while assimilating them into one united nation and one language.

No other nation has such an advanced scientific and medical community, helping neighbors when tornados, hurricanes or earthquake disasters hit, and no other nation has faced the attacks upon Western civilization by radical Islamics as we have done. Our forefathers would probably roll over in their graves that so many of our people don’t appreciate our heritage and the independence that has made us a different and great nation. President Trump is an example of our heritage and success thereof and his independence and support of America represents the most of us throughout the USA!

Let us give thanks that we still have freedom and most Americans are still patriotic, we have a strong economy and new job openings every month. Today, wages are rising at the fastest rate in a decade for lower-skilled workers, and unemployment among less-educated Americans and minorities is near a record low. We still have warriors who will risk their lives to defend us, and an electoral system that supports the people in the non-coastal states, that sorts out our policies rather than through internal wars and dissention. Socialism would tear our system down. Free everything for everyone, even if we are here as American citizens or don’t come here legally, it is just wrong. Why should anyone work?

To quote President Trump, “As long as we stay true to our cause, as long as we remember our great history, and as long as we never stop fighting for a better future, then there will be nothing that America cannot do.”