Don’t be fooled again! A small group of wealthy people with seemingly limitless funds, is trying to take control of the development in our downtown.

People who don’t live in our community, and don’t really understand what the issues are, are paid to collect signatures on petitions that have tremendous influence on our community. These hired signature gatherers repeat over and over again that “People deserve a vote.” Sounds so good, but says nothing about what actually happens as a result of your signature.

The fact is this group’s plans are constantly in flux. Why? Because they keep changing direction because what they really want, more than anything else, is to be in control! They want to take control away from our own elected representatives.

In the last election the overwhelming results stated very clearly that we, as a community, want our elected representatives to move ahead with our plan without delay! So in response this group of individuals does anything and everything to delay and delay and delay.

They don’t want what you and I want, a plan that has been painstakingly put together, tested, examined, studied by our Council, city staff, our own downtown businesses, our own Chamber of Commerce, our own wine industry, our own local restaurants, and our own and other financial and development experts, and then presented in tons of different ways and at different venues to our own populous for input and approval.

Don’t sign their petitions. They don’t want our plan.

They are NOT our elected representatives and they DO NOT have the right to take over the job we enthusiastically gave to our official elected representatives!