Patrick Whipple, Livermore

For the past few months, I have read a collective of people from Livermore discuss, rant, and sometimes praise the downtown plan. However, something interesting to note and keep in mind was my attention by the town survey. In some of the questions on the survey, some rather crucial information is written within them. If the downtown is not finished, then the 14.2 million dollars in allocated funds will no longer be available. Instead, it will be up to the taxpayers to pay off those funds over the next ten years. That was voted on years ago to make the downtown more pleasant. Remember that every major city in California must have affordable housing to get funding for such things as downtown plans. Over the past decade, with an influx of people coming from other parts of the bay area looking for better affordable housing or people trying to live closer to their jobs in the valley, it's clear that Livermore is spread pretty thin on the matters of having affordable housing.

In comparison, the Eden housing project is not a perfect plan by any stretch of the imagination. One could say that it was evidently one in which the city council was trying to kill two birds with one stone type of deal. The problem is that no matter what, it was always destined to fail, but it's clear to me that people's voices are not being heard much at the end of the day. The editorial section seems to be a last-ditch effort to have a say in the plan, but it seems to fly on deaf ears as everything keeps moving forward.