There have been claims on both sides of the downtown issue that one side or the other is misinforming the public. True facts have their basis in information which cannot be disputed. Let’s consider some undeniable facts.

FACT: In 2017, a 19-member committee comprised of residents and community stakeholders undertook a nine-month process to gain public input concerning plans for Livermore’s downtown. The stakeholders appointed their own representatives to the committee. That committee included five members of what is now known as the Central Park Group. With the information from that committee, and dozens of public hearings and workshops, the City Council developed and approved the City Downtown Plan.

FACT: The Central Park Group (CPG) conducted no public meetings as they developed and submitted their initiative and their drawing.

FACT: The city-approved downtown plan was a carefully crafted plan painstakingly developed by professionals, engineers, and certified architects for a hotel, other buildings for public use, affordable housing as required by law, a parking structure, and green space. All dimensions of all structures, roadways, and land use are to scale and meet the required needs for deliveries and trash service.

FACT: The CPG plan was presented as a drawing that was not to scale. In many instances, the dimensions and positions of the structures in the drawing do not agree with the initiative.

FACT: Over 80% of the Livermore residents who participated in the outreach/input process, including all of the 19 committee members, and the executive director of the Bankhead Theater, unanimously supported a hotel facing South Livermore Avenue, either east or west side, but facing South Livermore Avenue.

FACT: CPG is composed of a small number of Livermore residents who want the hotel located on Railroad Avenue and L Street, stating it is the “will of the people.” They have used referendums and initiatives as a way to make the outcome favorable for them.

FACT: The City Plan has a well-regarded company (Presidio) awaiting clearance to build the hotel next to the Bankhead Theater. This location was chosen as the appropriate place for a hotel as early as 2004, and was a deciding factor in how the west-facing side of the theater was constructed, using stucco instead of brick.

FACT: The CPG has stated they have a company ready to step forward and build on their preferred hotel location. They have never named or had that company or builder approach the city with any proposal. The proposed CPG hotel has no on-site parking.

FACT: “Yes” on Measure P would allow the Wine Country Hotel at the Bankhead to begin construction without further delays. The city’s downtown plan is based in reality, devised by experts and supported by the downtown businesses, the wine growers, the Stockmen’s Association and many others.

Compare the facts and decide. Vote “Yes” on Measure P.