Alan Marling, Livermore

Last week you may have seen the ad copy “unfit to govern.” It was paid for by Joan Seppala and her old, rich friends and printed in her newspaper. 

She is upset Livermore’s City Council voted against her wishes and in favor of the needs of California in general and this town specifically.

I cannot say I understand Joan Seppala’s motivations. Perhaps she is to trying to apply principles from the last century to this one. What I am certain of is that she doesn’t value the community’s pressing needs for clean energy and affordable housing. If she did, she wouldn’t have sunk her time and money opposing them in print and in court. Lawsuits funded in large part by her are currently delaying a solar farm in Alameda County and affordable housing in Livermore. In each case, these projects were passed by unanimous vote from their respective democratically elected officials. She and her echo chamber of supporters are trying to veto the will of the majority, in court.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch ruled in September her group must post a $500,000 bond because their lawsuit is in bad faith or merely “for the purpose of delaying or thwarting low-income housing.” Joan Seppala and the political groups she supports should withdraw these harmful lawsuits.

Her wealth and her newspaper give Joan Seppala the loudest voice in Livermore, but she no longer speaks for its citizens.

Editor’s Note: This letter contains statements that are factually incorrect regarding an ad that ran in The Independent last week. After The Independent contacted UnfitToServe2022 (also known as the Committee for Making a Better Livermore), a member of the organization stated that its ad, referred to in the letter above, was only funded by members of UnfitToServe2022. Neither The Independent Publisher Joan Seppala, nor any other groups of which she is a member — such as Save Livermore Downtown — paid for the ad.