With passage of time, the climate hoax is beginning to unravel. I would like to recommend two books worth reading: "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science," by Tim Ball, and "The Mythology of Global Warming," by Bruce M. Bunker.

Ball examines the activities of the central players and how the debate got started, beginning with the population control movement. The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, has been at the center of it. The United Nations has been a tool for advancing the cause through phony science. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was created with the goal of finding evidence to support a preconceived conclusion. Evidence that doesn't support the conclusion is ignored. That isn't science!

The output of the IPCC is divided into two parts, a summary for policymakers and the scientific basis. The summary is always released first. The science report comes later, and most of it will not get read even when it presents an altogether different picture.

In Ball's words, "The Science Report is full of cautions, warning and clear statements of the limitations; the message is implicit that IPCC science is not an adequate basis for policy. The [summary] is the antithesis, replete with unjustified certainties and urgent expressions of the need for action."

Comparing the observed climate with the predictions of the climate models, Ball notes that many atmospheric processes are ignored in the models to simplify and make them run faster. Consequently, most of the data is made up using parameterization.

Ball also examines emails from the Climate Research Unit and quotes from them to show the cover-up and intimidation used to silence critics.

The book by Bunker is an attempt to make the science more understandable to the lay reader. He examines the role of carbon dioxide, sea ice and sea-level changes, weather and climate, renewable energy, and the reality of global warming.

Recently, one of the strongest supporters of the climate hoax, Michael Shellenberger, has changed his mind and offered an apology for his part in it. He wrote a book, “Apocalypse Never,” and wrote an article for The Daily Wire giving many details. Shellenberger said he was embarrassed but finally his conscience won out. You can be sure that the believers in the global warming religion are furious.