Last week, a letter writer attacked Joan Seppala for her continued involvement in publicizing the weaknesses in the City Council's downtown redevelopment plan. The writer used strong language, labeling her misleading and underhanded without offering a factual basis for these harsh accusations.

Ms. Seppala has done a great deal for the betterment of Livermore. As the writer mentioned, she is a major patron of the arts, and was instrumental in getting the Bankhead Theater built. She was a supporter of the renovation of First Street, which is now a bustling hub of activity. She was also a major advocate for the urban growth boundary which is one of the reasons our city maintains its small-town charm today. Anything Ms. Seppala does for this community is done because she sincerely believes it will make Livermore a better place to live.

The ads that have been running in The Independent regarding the Council's downtown plan cite sources for the claims made. There is nothing underhanded about them. This is a case of someone attacking the messenger when he disagrees with the message. Attacks like this should have no place in our debate of important issues.