Janis Mulhall, Pleasanton 

Urban life is not for me!

I moved from the urban East Bay to Pleasanton after witnessing a knife fight in Albany, where one of the men attempted to get into my car with me and my child. There was another incident where a bunch of juveniles pounced upon my car on Shattack Avenue, while my child and I sat helplessly until another vehicle came to our rescue. The clincher was when my husband and I were on 6th and Cedar in Berkeley and someone shot out our car window, causing a shower of glass to cascade all over me.

I wanted to live in a town where I would feel safe, where schools were not overcrowded, where traffic was not a nightmare, where police departments were fully funded, and crime was low, so we moved to Pleasanton.  

I want to protect our town from the developers who could ruin everything. This election will determine if developers will own our town or if the citizens will.  I am supporting Karla Brown for mayor, and Nancy Allen and Valerie Arkin for city council, because I know they want the same things I do.

I hope you will join me in keeping Pleasanton the kind of city where our families thrive.