James Morehead, Dublin

I’m writing in support of Michael Utsumi for Dublin Unified School District Trustee Area 4.

I’ve known and worked with Michael for over a decade in support of Dublin public schools. He joined me as features editor of onedublin.org for several years (a volunteer-run website focused on education issues) and has been a tireless volunteer in support of Dublin schools.

Michael brings a compassionate, thoughtful and inclusive approach to getting things done, skills we sorely need right now as evidenced by the divisive, at times chaotic, and ego-driven behavior of the current Board of Trustees that directly led to the unplanned resignation and departure of Superintendent Dave Marken earlier this summer.

In the years ahead, with a deepening recession, a pandemic that is likely to continue for a year or more, and critical school infrastructure projects underway, Dublin needs a leader like Michael Utsumi.