Well, kudos should go out to Joan Seppala and her minions. They have successfully delayed the downtown development of Livermore by a minimum of one year, and possibly many more. So much for the concept of representative democracy where we elect officials such as city council members to make intelligent decisions for us. According to the paid signature gatherers, we had to sign their petition to “preserve democracy.”

This is all a scam. To force a vote on dueling plans for downtown, a sufficient number of citizens have been manipulated into believing that Livermore needs a downtown park bigger than the one selected by our elected city council. Those citizens have been manipulated by our local newspaper called The Independent. What is this paper independent of? It is certainly not independent of pushing a personal opinion of what is best for Livermore. Just yesterday a story showed up on my Google news feed with the headline “Livermore deserves a central park.” This story was attributed to The Independent, and was not listed as editorial or opinion. I assume it was supposed to be news. Over the last few weeks, we have seen beautiful color pictures of the two plans for the downtown in The Independent. In a recent letter to the editor, I mentioned that the Central Park Plan had minimal retail space. In the next edition of the paper, several spaces listed as retail space were added to their downtown plan. Check it out for yourself. Look at the picture on line, and compare it to last week’s paper. The Central Park Plan is not a plan. It is the vision of a few that may or may not have Livermore’s best interest at heart.

Don’t be fooled by these people. Don’t let special interests disrupt the work of our city council.