A leader of the group opposed to the city’s downtown development plan spoke before the City Council a few weeks ago. She confirmed the inaccuracy of their site drawing by explaining that the footprint of a building could be changed (was not actually set) and that park amenities were just suggestions (not actually thought out and designed). If that weren’t enough deception, when asked to explain where parking for the hotel was actually located on their drawing, she responded, “that parking will have to be arranged.” She was further pressed to explain how the community could, as her group proposes, “compare and decide,” when their supposedly more convenient hotel parking didn’t actually exist. Her response was, “Let’s not talk about that.” It’s time to stop this lunacy and move forward with an actual plan. A plan that actually fits into the site. A plan with actual and honest dimensions. A plan with a hotel developer and hotel parking that actually exists. A plan with an actual and realistic timeline. Please vote “Yes” on Measure P to stop this special-interest group’s blatant waste of public resources and their vindictive interference in development that is supported by our downtown and local business, housing and conservancy advocates, the rodeo and police associations, and all of our elected officials. Vote “Yes” for actual people, parks, parking and progress!