Eric Dillie, Livermore

Two absolutely wonderful public servants are campaigning to lead our amazing city. Both candidates are qualified and possess the necessary leadership traits to serve as mayor of Livermore. I am choosing to vote for Mony Nop because he is what our city needs right now. His integrity and adherence to equity for all is unwavering. Mony will build bridges to span political divides that exist within our community and region. He will attack the most pressing political issues of the day with a fresh perspective shaped by his unique personal and professional experiences.

Mony has dutifully and successfully served our city for over 20 years. He is not a political novice in Livermore or anywhere else for that matter. Nop has been influencing public policy through his nonprofit endeavors, as well as his leadership in several professional organizations. He even served as Mayor Marchand’s campaign manager in 2018. I urge you to vote Mony Nop for Livermore mayor on Nov. 3.