Let’s recap: A “No” vote on Measure P vote, rejecting the city’s hotel development agreement, still allows a hotel to be built on either side of Livermore Avenue. It does not stop any hotel. What it also does is make your vote in November, on the citizen initiative, meaningful. If you allow the city to block a citizen initiative, it makes our right to vote a meaningless waste of time. Why have citizens mobilize in their own interest if the government can pass a law to ignore them?

My “No” vote on Measure P is to reject the city’s attempt to shut down our voice, the voice of many thousands of citizens who signed our petition and the thousands more who support a better plan for Livermore. Your “No” vote on Measure P simply and significantly means that we get to find out in November what the citizens of Livermore really want for their town.

I believe it will be a better park; a relaxed, wine country hotel; and better downtown parking. If you are interested in hearing what the majority of Livermore residents want, vote “No “on Measure P so that everyone’s vote in November is meaningful.