The time has come for us to all state our positions on the plan for a downtown central park in Livermore. Numerous articles have been published on this issue in the last few years. But I still feel that the plan put forward by the Citizens of Livermore for a Central Park Plan, which provides the most open space for the citizens of Livermore as well as a larger and nicer hotel, is the best solution. In comparison to the current City Plan, this plan provides the most open space/park; provides a better solution for parking with a parking structure next to the Bankhead Theater.

The proposed hotel in the Central Park Plan will be larger, not require valet parking, and will be in a nicer location. The parking lot by the Bankhead will serve the people of Livermore and those visiting Livermore with more convenient parking. The Central Park Plan will a better plan for the downtown. So please vote “No” on Measure P.