The City Council continues to make the process of coming to a conclusion on the downtown property more difficult. We now have two parts to the process. The first will be on the March ballot, which will have the Livermore citizens vote on the city’s Hotel Development Agreement. This agreement would locate the hotel next to the Bankhead, eliminating existing parking for area businesses and the Bankhead Theater. The hotel would be mid-level, without a restaurant and nearby parking.

The Central Park Plan, an alternative to the city’s plan, provides parking next to the Bankhead, benefiting the theater, as well as the close-by restaurants and shops. It also provides a destination, resort hotel, one that is full service, on the west side of Livermore Avenue, with a restaurant and other amenities.

The Hotel Development Agreement has been placed on the ballot as Measure P. Please vote “No” on this measure.

In November, we will have the opportunity to vote on the Central Park Plan. I encourage you to take the time to study both plans. Let’s decide together what’s best for Livermore!