Joe Hagerty, Pleasanton

Here is important information regarding Pleasanton City Council candidates Valerie Arkin and Nancy Allen: both have promised not to take money from developers. So has mayoral candidate Karla Brown.

With no close ties to developers, Arkin, Allen, and Brown are more likely to represent the interests of residents who do not want excessive development and they will work to preserve the historic downtown. This is in sharp contrast with council candidates Randy Brown, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, and Jack Balch, chief financial officer for his dad’s development company, and Councilman Jerry Pentin. Has Pentin ever voted against a pro-development position supported by the Chamber of Commerce?

Arkin, Allen, and Brown have strong pro-resident track records on the Pleasanton Unified School District Board of Trustees, Planning Commission, and city council, respectively, and can be counted on to represent us.

Vote for Valerie Arkin, Nancy Allen, and Karla Brown.