On March 3, please vote “Yes” on Measure P!

Both Measure P and the Central Park plan agree that a downtown hotel is necessary to further our community’s vision of making Livermore a Wine Country destination. So why should we care?

First, by voting “Yes” Measure P, you will be advancing progress for Livermore’s future with a plan that has been six years in the making through our city leaders’ thoughtful consideration, planning, alignment across multiple constituencies, and investment to deliver on the most important community asks.

The downtown project will both retain the character of our beloved Livermore and meet the highest priority needs identified by the citizens of our community, including beautiful shared green space, affordable housing, and expanded parking.

The Bankhead hotel proposed in Measure P is the catalyst necessary to enable the overall success of the entire downtown project. Therefore, your “Yes” vote on Measure P is essential.

By contrast, the Central Park plan is not a plan at all, but rather a flawed idea. Specifically, while the Central Park plan suggests that you have a choice to develop a different hotel, there is no plan and there is no agreement by a developer to build a hotel.

How is this possible? Frankly, the proponents of the Central Park plan have not and will not be able to find a reputable developer who will want to build a hotel in an undesirable location that is misaligned with hotel experts, business owners, and the Bankhead Theatre’s own executive director. Further, no hotel developer has expressed interest in building a hotel in any other location besides the Bankhead Theatre location for almost 20 years.

A vote against Measure P will result in a development delay of at least four years, needless cost overruns and waste. The opposition has no plan and no developer. Quite simply, their real motivation is to have no change to downtown Livermore.

The time has come to move from planning to progress and advancement for Livermore’s future for the betterment of our community. A “Yes” vote for Measure P means you are invested in the future of our community.

For more information about the facts go to:www.bankheadhotelnow.com/factchecking