Anthony Beckett, Pleasanton

So many flyers in the mail about this recall vote! So many misrepresentations and bold-faced lies! If I am to believe these urgent warnings, I would have to believe that the Republican party is, according to Steve Glazer, against stopping the spread of COVID-19, the sole reason our kids were out of school all last year, the reason people aren't even working.

However, if my memory serves me well, it was the democratic governor (Newsom), who made, and then ignored, COVID-19 mandates, closed the schools (and then cleverly enrolled his kids in private schools), closed businesses with astounding hypocrisy and awarded "non-working people" (to use a more liberal term) extended benefits TO NOT WORK. 

Another flyer makes the terrifying warning that "Trump-supporting Republicans in your neighborhood are voting." Rather than a constitutional right, one would think that voting in California is reserved for "Biden-supporting Democrats." That's the attitude that got us where we are: California is 70% democratic voters. No bad idea gets voted down in Sacramento; no failure by Newsom is considered a problem.

While you ponder that, your democratic state legislature just stealthily passed two house bills (SB9 and 10) to essentially destroy single-family zoning "in your neighborhood." After you vote “Yes” on the recall, you may want to look into it.