Horacio Cavaleiro, Dublin

David Pastor (Mailbox, Sept. 10) may be correct that voting by mail can eventually lead to false results. I really believe that voting should only be permitted in person and by showing an ID card.

I came from another country where voting works that way, period. When I voted here the first time some 40 years ago, I immediately provided my ID at the polling place. Obviously, I was surprised being told that ID was not required! I always voted in person and I plan to do the same this year, unless I'm unable to be present due to illness.

Now, President Trump has said oftentimes that voting by mail, or absentee as he does and probably most politicians, is going to be the end of the world because fraudulent voting may cause him to lose. It seems like he's assuming that the only voters who will vote truthfully are Republicans and the other party’s voters are scumbags!

If this model is defective, fix it. Otherwise it is equal opportunity voting, in my opinion.