Katie Marcel, Livermore

I am a Livermore resident of 18 years and mother of two LVJUSD students (9th and 3rd grade), and I wholeheartedly endorse Kristie Wang for Livermore School Board.

As the world adjusts to this monumental shift and our kids are living a reality we hadn't ever imagined - it is crucial that we bring educated, experienced, creative and diverse voices into positions of leadership. I am endorsing Kristie because she is currently an LVJUSD parent, she has over 30 years of experience as a policy student and advocate, and she successfully organized a campaign against Big Tobacco in Livermore.

BIPOC voices are under-represented in our community. In order for LVJUSD decisions to benefit all students, we must have diverse leadership. Finally, I am personally advocating for more women at the table. All tables.

Add her voice to the LVJUSD School Board on Nov. 3!