Monday night I stayed up way, way past my bedtime to watch on TV the Livermore City Council deal with the downtown Livermore issue, particularly the going forward with plans for a new hotel. Though I don't have a dog in this hunt (I live in Dublin) and I don't pretend to know which plans are best for downtown Livermore I still found it very interesting.

Three quick points: 1. After the public comments were concluded and before the council voted there were comments from the mayor and city council. I was thunderstruck by the vitriol, the rancor, and the bitterness of Mayor Marchand, the vice mayor and the council members towards that group of citizens who were in opposition to the council on this issue. It was more like acrimony in action than democracy in action.

2. One woman spoke of how it was unfair to Livermore Latinos because information regarding the downtown wasn't translated into Spanish. You know, if I, for whatever reason, had to move to Belgium, or China, or Pakistan, I guarantee you that I would be studying Flemish, Mandarin, or Urdo before I ever went over there. I would never expect my host country to accommodate me in English.

3. I was in hale, hearty agreement with one woman speaker who said words to the effect that, "Whatever we do, we don't want to 'Dublinize' downtown." Amen to that, sister, AMEN TO THAT!