David Ott, Pleasanton

Many citizens of Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley have already reduced our water consumption over this past year, so with the current plan that was mandated by our city leaders we are now being forced to reduce our use further based on an already reduced base rate. This is very unfair. 

And speaking of unfair, the last time we were forced to conserve water a few years ago the citizens of Pleasanton did such a wonderful job that we were rewarded with a water price increase because the Zone 7 Water Agency was not profitable enough due to our water conservation. Wait! What? We cut back on our water usage and now we pay more?  We were penalized twice!  Dead lawns, flowers, bushes and trees and higher costs for water. The lawn eventually came back to life, but last time we lost bushes and trees that had to be replaced and the replacement cost came from our pockets.  

If our state and local leaders would create a long-term strategy for water supply and reduce the water that NorCal provides to SoCal, we would be much better off. This mandatory reduction in water use is a short-term solution without a long-term vision. It is time for the state, county and local leaders to step up and create a viable long-term water solution.  

I am opposed to this mandatory reduction.