Donna Cabanne, Livermore

Have you heard about 737 jets flying into Livermore?

The Airport Commission voted to allow Kaiser Air to bring in fully loaded 737 jets. The company plans four flights a week in and out of Livermore Airport. It won't stop there.

Once 737 jets are approved, the FAA does not allow airports to prohibit other companies with 737 jets from landing in Livermore. Do we want Livermore to become the cheap alternative to Oakland, San Jose and SF, so charter companies can maximize their profits at our expense?

What about noise? Kaiser Air plans to voluntarily respect nighttime curfews, but the key word is voluntary. There is nothing to prohibit Kaiser Air from landing and taking off at night if jets are delayed.

What about decibel levels? Kaiser will operate according to FAA noise standards below 89 decibels if they fly at night. The California Noise Control Act sets allowable decibel levels. Any noise exposure (dBA) above 80 is considered to have a severe impact.

The City of Livermore General Plan 2003 to 2025 follows state noise limits of 70 dBA, except for the downtown area, which may increase to 75 dBA. 89 dBA far exceeds state and city noise limits. You will not be able to enjoy your backyard or stay indoors without disturbing and jarring overhead noise.

What about air pollution? We live in a non-attainment air basin. Livermore triggered air violations for particulate matter (PM 2.5) 14.8 days in 2018, 17 days in 2017, 46 days in 2018, and 58 days in 2020. Now, Kaiser Air wants to bring in 737 jets loaded with aviation fuel and plans to sell aviation fuel at fueling stations for 737 jets. Do we want to exacerbate current unhealthy air conditions with aviation fuel from 737 jets?

Speak up if you care about health and safety. This project will negatively affect Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin. Attend the next Airport Commission hearing, on March 15, at 6:30 p.m., and contact the Livermore Planning Commissioners to let them know we don't want 737 jets landing in Livermore.