Madeline Brown, Livermore

Cubans are currently suffering under authoritarian dictatorship, by which they are given no freedom of speech nor voting rights, and are undergoing a famine and a pandemic. Inflation rates in Cuba are increasing drastically, with the cost of rice rising from five Cuban pesos to over twenty Cuban pesos during June. Buying less than a month’s worth of food costs nearly as much, if not the same amount, as the average Cuban’s monthly wage. Activism and elections are prohibited, and Castro’s regime has now been in power for 61 years. Along with the severe censorship in Cuba, the government has had a longstanding policy of starving its people. Donating to non-governmental organizations and signing petitions will not help, so it is our obligation as privileged Americans to spread awareness of what is occurring in Cuba, as Cubans cannot do this without putting their lives in danger. It is for these reasons that I beseech you to highlight this issue in your newspaper and arouse public interest as well as you can. We must help Cuba before more people are hurt and more lives are lost.