What could be more democratic than an initiative? 8,000+ signatures in five boxes submitted to the power that be - if anything, the city leaders should be proud to know that their constituents took the time and made the effort to get involved in the development of this Central Park.

The hotel and some of the residents in the affordable housing units will be able to feast their eyes on beautiful park organizations such as The Rotary, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, etc. who could be encouraged to sponsor benches around the park. Large open-air concerts can be offered to bring the community out to the park. An open-air movie screen can be set up to see classic movies such as “Casablanca" and “The Goonies.” The park can inspire and be a “mental brain restorer.” Just some ideas inspired by this proposed Central Park. And yet, if the “people” of Livermore do not like this proposal, they can vote it down and let the City council and the Mayor have it their way.