Patrick Weidhaas, Dublin

Now that a historic and passionate election is behind us, I have been asking myself this question, "What sort of country do Trump and his supporters want to live in?"

It's easy to know what kind of country they do not want to live in:

They do not want universal health insurance ("socialism").

They do not want immigrants.

They do not want equal rights for non-white people, for women, or for LGBTQ people.

They do not want science or emphasis on education.

They do not want reproductive rights for women (certainly not abortion).

They do not want separation of Christian church and state.

I might add - they do not want to wear masks!

From my observation, here is what Trump and his supporters seem to want:

A white, male-dominated society, plenty of guns for white people, zero taxes (at least for corporations), Sharia law based on the Christian religion, dirty air, dirty water and fracking.

That's about it – a completely dumbed-down society run by (white) male gorillas with plenty of guns.