On the east side of Livermore Avenue will be a large 3- or 4-story hotel with minimal to no onsite parking. It is likely to be four stories, as that is what the city and builder originally wanted. If so, it will be approximately the height of the Bankhead Theater and reach practically to the sidewalk. It will be directly across from Stockmen’s Park and Blacksmith Square. How that is not going to overpower Blacksmith Square is beyond me.

Hopefully we can persuade them to use a different exterior design and materials for the hotel, so it is more compatible with Blacksmith Square; not with huge yellow brick corner pieces, which didn’t look like bricks, as was the original design. How does yellow brick look similar to Blacksmith Square? Remember in the early days of Livermore, we had a red brick foundry in town. What better way to suggest another historical part of Livermore’s early days?

As a side note, the city staff report that was presented at the Nov. 27, 2017, city council meeting with the results of the outreach program showed the majority of the people wanted the hotel to compliment Blacksmith Square, with similar building materials.

On the other side of the lot is L Street. The west side, where Groth Bros was, will have 3- to 4-story housing with some retail below. Don’t forget the 4-story garage where KFC used to be. It’s slated to have 65-foot pillars, which is higher than the garage. Maybe they want to later add another story or two to the garage.

If the housing is left on the Lucky site, even on the north side of Veterans Way, it will be a very crowded, high-density area, not like what most of us want. We want open space where we can go to visit, stroll after an enjoyable dinner downtown, maybe even watch the fireworks on Independence Day. We need to place the housing on the north side of Railroad Avenue to open up more space on the Old Lucky site for a larger park. Housing on the north side would be close to downtown, but not crammed in with the businesses, and those people would also be able to enjoy a larger, more useful park.