I am pleased that this second petition met with approval from so many persons, who were ready to sign, but I am dismayed to learn that the persons providing the opportunity to sign it met with harassment and intimidation. There have been differences of opinion in the past but I do not remember anything like the lack of civility that has appeared here recently. I can understand that the City Council may be annoyed that their plan for the area, made available when the Lucky store vacated, was not welcomed. But when more than 8,000 voters prefer an alternate plan submitted by residents, they should accept it graciously. We do have a representative form of government, but sometimes “The People Shall Judge,” and Livermore residents have spoken again.

It is time to drop the vitriol about the woman who has done so much to provide Livermore with a “real newspaper.” I remember when The Independent was just getting on its feet and I remember the “catty” remarks from our other two local papers: “fit as a fish wrapper” and “birdcage liner.” Where are those papers now? They could only expand by broadening their readership to include larger areas than Livermore and can no longer be considered a “hometown paper.” It is through the efforts of this one woman that The Independent has become a success, and it is this paper that many of us look forward to when it appears in our mailbox on Thursdays.

Let us try to put aside our differences and reflect on the many improvements that citizens have helped to make Livermore the pleasant town it has become.