I keep asking myself, "What is the Livermore City council afraid of?" The initiative to allow the citizens of Livermore to decide the fate of downtown has been certified with over 8000 signatures. Yet, the Livermore City council has now taken multiple actions to frustrate the ability of Livermore citizens to decide by entering into development agreements contrary to the conditions of the initiative. Why don't they want to allow the people of Livermore their voice?

The plan put forward in the initiative delivers a larger, better hotel, more parking and a larger, more functional park. These are all things the people participating in the Council's expensive outreach program said they wanted. The Council now seems to have forgotten about those results and moved directly contrary to the wishes of the people. The council seems to feel that last November’s election, where they faced extremely weak opposition, has given them a mandate to ignore the wishes of the people exercised through the initiative process.

Because of the recent actions of the Council, you are very likely to see more signature gatherers asking you to sign their referendum petitions. This referendum will prevent the Council from moving forward on the downtown development until the people are able to decide. Please sign their petitions. You will be telling the Council that you want to decide.