Carol Silva, Livermore

On Dec. 7, the Livermore City Council held a workshop about the Eden Housing’s downtown project and its entitlement application. 

During Bob Woerner’s campaign for Livermore mayor, Woerner stated that he was willing to evaluate factors to relocate the Eden Housing project to the north side of Railroad Avenue so that Livermore would have a larger downtown park as a win-win solution. 

Then, during the Dec. 7 workshop, Bob Coomber asked, “Is anyone thinking?” implying “anyone” being the public voicing their desire for a larger downtown park when the council’s downtown plan had been planned for a few years. His question implied that the Livermore residents, who spoke for having a larger park and for having affordable housing moved to another location, were stupid.

This is offensive, especially since it was Woerner who misled the public. And Woerner continued to mislead the public in October, when several citizens writing letters to The Independent commended him for his “win-win” solution. At that time, Woerner had ample time to clarify his position, but he chose not to since he only cared about becoming Livermore’s mayor.

Shame on him, and then Woerner mocks the public by echoing Coomber’s “Is anyone thinking?” comment.

Again, it was Woerner who brought up the possibility of having the Eden Housing moved north of Railroad Avenue. I think that the public had doubts about this location, since there are a number of businesses and organizations that are located on that block.

However, I think that the public wanted to believe that Woerner was aware of landowners who wanted to sell their properties, and Woerner was willing to work on a “win-win” solution for Livermore.

In hindsight, I believe, as one speaker mentioned during the Dec. 7 workshop, that Woerner knew all along of the critical time periods needed for funding this project and that the council’s plan would proceed with Eden Housing being located across ‘L’ Street from the old Groth Brother’s site. Also, I believe at the time that Woerner misled the public, he had strategically known how he was going to spin this issue when it would be brought up at a later date.

Gee, what were we thinking … that with our doubts, that Woerner could be trusted?!?