There are lies, damn lies, and then there is what an out-of-control special interest group is spreading around Livermore. Creating alternative facts, spinning the truth, and making misleading statements is one thing, but this name-changing group is way beyond that. Their members blatantly misrepresent the truth in front of our City Council and are then so audacious as to complain and attack the Council when questioned or corrected.

The group’s supporters and paid signature gatherers misrepresent and are untruthful about what they are asking people to sign, while making unfounded and libelous statements about Council members.

This group thinks laws are only for other people, that they are free to say and do whatever they want and that they have a constitutional right to circumvent public processes and waste public funds fighting community-approved downtown development. All this, just because their own narrow special interests aren’t driving the project. And of course, they take absolutely no responsibility or accountability for their actions or the untruthful ads printed in their sponsor's newspaper.

Speaking of the paper, journalism classes can use The Independent’s coverage of the downtown development issues and this special interest group’s efforts, as a classic example of “yellow journalism.” While omitting a considerable amount of relevant contrasting comments and activities from their biased “news coverage,” I do appreciate that at least the paper will publish letters to the editor that are not in agreement with the owner's opinions and activities.

I invite the letter writers and council meeting speakers who have been supporting an alternative downtown development plan to take a step back and look at what their group has been doing. Is truth and accuracy important to you? Are you OK with the way the group’s leadership and spokespeople have behaved? Do their ends justify the means? Are you proud to be associated with them? Is a wealthy benefactor’s uncompromising vendetta worth all this? If not, please join our Livermore residents who want to keep big money out of our local politics and who stand up to special interest attempts to govern by frivolous petitions and wasteful lawsuits.