Just prior to the California gubernatorial election in November 2018, I warned readers of The Independent against electing Gavin Newsom, a failed former mayor and lieutenant governor, to our state's highest elected office.

My opposition to Newsom was based upon simple observation of his tenure as mayor of San Francisco and lieutenant governor of California.

This man has utterly mishandled the coronavirus crisis here. He has damaged many lives and livelihoods by his stubbornness and incompetency. He is making businesses liable if a customer catches COVID-19 even if that business follows all state-mandated protocols. Now he is forcing us all to wear face masks anytime we are outside our homes. He is drunk with power.

He has failed to strongly and vigorously condemn the violence stemming from protests.

He certainly was less than stellar in dealing with electricity outages during the fires last year.

I shudder to think what will happen should the next great quake on the level of Loma Prieta, Northridge, '06, or, God forbid, even greater, occur under his watch. Why do we keep electing and then re-electing politicians of this dismal caliber in our once golden state? Political masochism, I guess.