On July 20, I sent this letter to Dr. Susan Bailey, president of the American Medical Association:

“Dr. Bailey, first of all, ‘Congratulations for being given the honor to be President of the AMA!’

“My message is of a political nature. We live (sic) through an unprecedented health crisis, but the President is undermining and even censoring and lately attacking experts like [Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] Dr. [Anthony] Fauci. My question: Where is the medical community? In particular, where is the AMA? The AMA's mission is ‘to promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.’ That mission is presently being challenged like never before!

“To every last member, the medical community, including the AMA, should be publicly supporting Dr. Fauci. There should be a "Rose Garden" style press conference (covered by all major TV channels, especially Fox) by a visibly united medical community, urging the public to listen to the experts and not to the politicians. Instead, the silence from the medical community is deafening!

“I myself am a retired mathematician -- not a medical person. I simply am deeply concerned about the lack of a strong and unified message from the medical community. Already more than 140,000 Americans have died. The lack of leadership in this country will lead to more deaths. There is a vacuum of unified information in this country -- every state, every county does its own thing. In Georgia, Governor Kemp is even suing the Mayor of Atlanta for her very prudent attempt to mandate masks. This is outrageous, even criminal! I believe it is time for the medical community to speak out loudly against such politically motivated ignorance.”