Richard Ryon, Livermore

I, along with many others, applaud the organization “Save Livermore Downtown” for suing the City of Livermore over the continuing issue of Eden Housing’s plan for downtown Livermore. The whole of City government, from the Council through staff, seems of one mind to thwart the will of the people. From flim-flam pre-election statements to slick mailers from the City, the effort seems to be to simply wear down the majority who have a different vision for the City’s future. With the lawsuit, let us hope that a little good sense will seep into the collective mind of the City and negotiations can take place to settle out-of-court with a win-win solution for everyone.    The time is NOW for serious discussion to take place. I concur with the good sense statement published in this newspaper by Merlin Newton, Sr. He says, “We certainly want affordable housing. It is the proposed location that is the problem.” A much better location is just across Railroad Avenue to the north of the vacant land in question. The bankruptcy of the company building the complex west of L Street may present another opportunity to relocate the housing. As Merlin says, “At both of these locations, we could have more affordable units than the 130 Eden proposes, along with adequate parking.” What’s not to like about these possibilities for a “win-win” solution?