I’m dumbfounded why there were no letters last week in response to Owen Brovont’s letter on June 11, ripe with privilege and ignorance.

To insist that drive and hard work are all that’s needed to live the American Dream misses the mark. Not only are there disparities of opportunity, but disparities of justice. If you’re a person of color, it’s harder to get a loan. If you grow up in a less affluent community, you most likely have an educational system that is drastically underfunded. How many innocent people are in prison because they couldn’t afford good counsel and pled guilty to a crime they didn’t commit because of the threat of a longer sentence?

Furthermore, “bending the knee” has nothing to do with supporting the troops or the National Anthem. America has not lived up to the words, “justice for all” or “all men (and women I might add) are created equal.”

My family has served and fought in three wars for this nation, and for the right for anyone to take a knee or say whatever they want, even if it’s an ignorant letter to the editor.

Violence at any protest is wrong, but if you have felt the inequality that exists, for your whole life, and only received empty promises, it’s no wonder some have reached a boiling point. Also, right-wing haters have already been caught causing violence and property damage at recent protests, trying to discredit the protesters’ message.

If you are one who was raised in a “quieter, more accomplished, more intelligent (wow!), more civilized age,” maybe you need to “give it some thought,” and find some empathy and compassion for those that don’t enjoy similar privilege.