Residents should look at the makeup of the two groups and their motivations regarding our downtown development. One group consists of elected officials, local business people and housing advocates, working to implement a community-based comprehensive plan created by Livermore’s professional planning and development staff. The other is a newspaper owner and her followers. As performing arts supporters, they want to stop any development near the existing performing arts theater. They also want to create enough open park space that in the future there is enough room to build their dream regional theater. Their plan was not created through a community-based input process, does not contain the required studies, does not accommodate mandated elements, and was not created by professional planners who did a comprehensive study of Livermore.

So what could possibly go wrong with this special interest group’s self-serving plan? Plenty!! Help stop the efforts of special interest and big money trying to force their demands onto Livermore residents. Don’t sign their misleading, never-ending and self-serving petitions.