Philip La Scola, Livermore

Black Lives Matter is viewed as a grassroots movement of concerned people. It’s more.

BLM is a corporation. The name is BLM Global Network Foundation.

If you go to its website, you will discover it is a national corporation with headquarters in various U.S. cities and in Canada.

BLM Global Network Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation whose donations are not tax deductible. If you go to the website to donate, you are transferred to “ActBlue Charities,” which takes your donation as an eligible tax deduction.

Who is ActBlue? On its face, it is a political action committee attached to the Democrat Party.

ActBlue consists of three parts. ActBlue Charities facilitates donations to left-of-center 501 (c)(3) nonprofits; ActBlue Civics is its 501 (c)(4) affiliate, and ActBlue is a 527 political action committee. These three entities have raised over $5 billion dollars in the 16 years since they were founded.

ActBlue distributes money to an organization called “Thousand Currents.” Since 2016, this organization, a 501 (c)(3), has provided fiscal management to BLM. The partnership led to a fiscal sponsorship that launched the BLMGNF. The WK Kellogg Foundation, through “Thousand Currents,” provided a $900,000 grant to organize local BLM chapters.

As of June 2020, the vice chair of “Thousand Currents” board of directors was Susan Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground and the May 19th Communist Organization, who spent 16 years in federal prison before her sentence was commuted by then-President Bill Clinton.

BLM is not some fly-by-night fad that is going to loot, destroy and disappear into history. It’s a multi corporation that is associated with and supports the Democratic Party.

Socialism and communism are linked to these efforts, as is the destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Patrisse Cullors, a BLM co-founder, has stated “We are trained Marxists.” The president of the Greater New York BLM stated if the movement fails to achieve change during nationwide protests, it will “burn down this system.”

Both ActBlue and the Republican counter, WinRed, can be classified as political action committees. What’s the difference? Nowhere on the WinRed website is there any link to enable monies donated to become tax deductible, nor is there any link to support any right-wing violent organization. However, going to the “Thousand Currents” website, the first thing you see is support for BLM. This is where all the protestors are getting their funding.