John Marchand, Livermore

Jim Hutchins’ December 30 letter suggests impropriety and secrecy over a contribution to a mayoral campaign. He and Deborah McQueen, on their website and in their letters to The Independent, continue to whine about David Eichler’s contribution of $467 to my mayoral campaign in 2018. Hutchins now refers to it as a “substantial donation”. That contribution was acknowledged years ago, and it was included in my legally required State and City filings. Mr. Eichler made that contribution as a private citizen and not as an agent of Legacy Partners. There was no pre-arranged agreement.

Hutchins and McQueen are trying to call into question my integrity over a $467 campaign donation. I can assure everyone in this community, for whom I served for over three decades, that my integrity is intact. My campaign raised over $35,000 from numerous members of our community, which means that Mr. Eichler’s contribution was less than 2% of the total funds raised.

I question the hypocrisy of Hutchins and McQueen who are silent about the contributions to the “No on P” campaign from four members of the Seppala family, four out-of-town multi-millionaires whose contributions totaled over $650,000. That is over 1,300 times the amount of Mr. Eichler’s contribution.

The real question is, “What political purpose is served by a handful of out-of-town multi-millionaires trying to buy Livermore elections?” Public documents on file with the City Clerk reveal that the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Intermatic Corporation, who lives in New Hampshire, contributed over $100,000 to an effort to mislead Livermore voters. The truth is Measure P was only about Livermore voters supporting a hotel next to the Bankhead Theater and they overwhelmingly approved it by a 2:1 margin.

The real question of impropriety is, “Why are out-of-town millionaires funding the deception of Livermore voters and trying to buy Livermore elections?”