People may not understand why a referendum is circulating right now to stop the Council's development agreement with Presidio to develop a hotel on the east side of Livermore Avenue.

The Citizens for a Livermore Central Park gathered enough signatures to place the Central Park Plan on the ballot to allow a vote on a better plan for downtown Livermore, with a large Central Park, more parking where it is needed most, and other amenities to promote a quality downtown destination.

The City Council feels threatened by this initiative. They decided to move ahead with their planned hotel on the east side of Livermore Avenue knowing full well that the Central Park Plan allows for a

west side hotel and would put parking where the east side hotel is slated to go. The Council's clear goal is to render the Central Park Plan an impossibility before it is voted on.

What difference will it make if people get to vote on a better plan if there is a hotel already under construction on the east side of Livermore Avenue? People will be confused and discouraged from voting. Their right to enact legislation by initiative will be rendered meaningless. This is an abuse of power by the Council. It is a means of suppressing voters and discouraging them from voting. Voter suppression is no small matter. It is going on around the country, and now it is going on in Livermore.

In order to stop the hotel from moving forward, and protect the right of the people of Livermore to a full and fair vote on the initiative, it is necessary to referend the development agreement for the east side hotel.

Regardless of how people feel about the Central Park Plan, no one should tolerate manipulation of their voting rights by a government entity. Sign the referendum and protect your right to a true vote on the Central Park Plan.